Day One

Organized chaos as we load the van under bright sunny skies! 

Strong head winds challenged the group as we headed for the ferry terminal. 

The first leg of the journey is complete as we check in at the ferry terminal.

Relaxing on board hoping not to get seasick in very rough waters!

After off loading at Sturdiest Bay layers of clothing were removed and packed in the support van for the gruelling uphill ride to Montague Harbour. Mr Young found a twin rider right down to the exact same t-shirt, shorts and cool watch!

Mr Young leads a stretch after a short ride to prepare for the hill.

Some gourmet meals of hotdogs, quesadillas, KD, bacon burgers and instant noodles were enjoyed by all

After setting up tents, cleaning dishes and storing away food to hide from marauding raccoons we made our way to the beach for a refreshing dip in the bay.

A cool and refreshing dip in the ocean in the warmth of the setting sun.

After a full day we ended the evening with a marshmallow roast and sing along.